Barcelona : Part 3

After visiting Parc Guell, we headed to La Rambla, a famous shopping street in Barcelona.

While on the way to board the underground train, we stumbled upon this ginormous vending machine at the station. My brother posing there was a reference as to the scale size of the machine. *jakun* Of course we didn't buy anything because the items displayed were pricier than the usual price.

There was nothing much at La Rambla, it only consisted of rows and rows of shops ranging from souvenirs to clothing to restaurants. There was a Subway nearby but instead of dining in there (you can get a tuna sandwich, of course the meat is non-halal), but instead we stole their wi-fi to google for halal food.

We walked and walked and finally found a halal restaurant serving briyani.

We were starving so no photos of food. Hehehe. And so that was our second day at Barca!

Moving on to third day.

First thing first we headed to Camp Nou, the home for FC Barcelona. Now I am no football fanatic, I don't watch football, IDK anything about football (or sports in general, bite me). But because Awad wanted to go so bad we went ahead anyway.

The gift store was pretty cool I must say. But the jerseys are bloody expensive.

We ended up not going in, because 1. The entrance ticket was pricey. 2. I wasn't interested to go in. 3. They're not really fans of FC Barcelona.

Next, we headed to Montjuic.

We took the cable car up the hill. Montjuic is an old castle overlooking the city of Barcelona.

When we reached up there. we just rested for a bit and walked around taking photos. Didn't really know what to do, there was a castle, and that was just it really. Not sure if there's more to it but we didn't find anything particularly interesting.

As we were walking we found a seating area overlooking the sea. By that time everyone was starving and started sprawling around for food. So we just sat there for a while enjoying the view before we moved on in search of food.

On the way down, even more views of the city!

We headed back to the area where we were staying at since the boys said they found a halal restaurant yesterday. Decided to try some traditional Spanish food. As we were waiting for our food to get served we were discussing on what city to go to next. Because we didn't have a solid plan as we were busy with exams and such (mind you, I flew to Paris 3 days after my final exams, imagine the craziness, nasib result okay, haha). Of course we had so much contemplations there.

And then, behold, the paella! We ordered mix paella and must I say it is absolutely yummy. The flavour was more suited to our taste buds, the rice was soft and mushy (?) I don't know how to describe it but it has that curry-ish flavour to it. And what is it about Europeans and their serving size? Humongous!

I can't really remember the price but it was between 12-15 Euros for that large plate. If you're not a big eater you can just order one and share. But because we're kinda big eaters it wasn't enough (especially for my brother, go figure, he usually finishes all my meals throughout the trip).

To be continued.

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