a week of birthdays

Last week was kakak's and my not so baby brother's Mamam's birthday.

For kakak's 26th birthday, Mama cooked some foods and we ordered a devil's chocolate cake from The Kitchen Guardian. We initially wanted to wait after Maghrib prayers to celebrate but because Ayah got stuck at the mosque because it was raining heavily we ended up eating first, and then blow out the candles later.

I don't have that much photos in my phone, they're mostly in Mama's phone.

And then a few days later it was Mamam's birthday.  Mamam is the "manja" nickname for Zul Atmam. He turned 15 this year, and I feel like although he's 15, he's not quite like when we were 15. He's still a BIG baby in my eyes. He'd always bug me for Subway or Chatime every single time I'd pick him up for school.

We initially planned to just go to Pizza Hut TTDI, but when we arrived there, most of the tables were left uncleared, and it was basically a mess. We ended up ditching the place and decided to head to The Curve instead. Funny story, cos we didn't expect to enter a shopping mall, most of us dressed up selekeh-ly, which is so unlike us. Selekeh is a no-no, ladies and gents. But oh what the hell, it's a Sunday anyway, who cares?

We ended up going to Italiannies and had a very satisfying late lunch. Good food, good ambiance, kecoh family. What else is better than this? Just that next time we need to dress up better and take photos. Heheheheh

We don't spend our birthdays with friends anymore, just family nowadays. I think it's nice to do it this way, because everyone is busy doing something and birthdays are a reason for us to gather at the same place, at the same time.

To more birthdays! So, who's next?


Nabila Syifa said...

look so delicious..mmm

Nabila Syifa said...

look so delicious!

Norzuryati Mohamad Basir said...

hepi family.. :)

Menyelrakan semua makanan2 tu..hehe

Jemput ke blog saya :

~perkongsian tentang kisah hidup, rumahtangga, anak2 yg comel, tips kesihatan, tips kecantikan dan lain2 :)

siti natrah said...

tengok dah sedap..kalo mkn lgi sedap ni..huhu