crazy busy hani bee

Time passes by so fast that I never realised that a month has passed since I last updated this blog. That's only because I have been really busy.

A few weeks ago I was elected as the President of Association of Professional Students and ever since then it was like a bomb dropped on to my lap. Meetings, meetings, meetings. I was immediately sent to a leadership camp 2 weeks later at Bagan Lalang.

My comrades - Adam (junior), Nisa, Alyp

My main goal right after I was elected was not for the popularity or the power, but I see this as an opportunity for me to make a change. Professional students are known for their seriousness in studying, we have no time to play. Well it's time to change that. I see this as an "amanah" by the lecturers who sent in my name to be elected and I will carry this amanah for a whole year. I have 400+ students under my wings, and I will try my best to get everyone involved.

Aside from that I have my duties as a student. Alhamdulillah the previous exams showed good results for me, and I was very happy with them. Prayers by my loved ones plus my strategic studying methods paid off. I plan to go for straight sitting, insyaAllah. I will try to make my parents proud. I will graduate on time. Thus in between meetings I focus in class and make sure I absorb as much as possible. My studies are still my priority.

Paperwork. Projects. Assignments. Oh shoot me.

Running a business. I don't really have a huge online business or a great one per say, but Alhamdulillah with the business that I'm currently running the rezeki that I got from it was enough for me to get the things I want. It even managed to get me a return flight ticket to Paris this Summer.

I am busier than ever, and there are times when I wished I had more than 24 hours a day. But busy is good, busy is great. It means you know you're living.

Let's keep the optimism alive!


FMFA? ASOT? Shameful!

While I'm indulging on my hot tea in hopes of curing my irritated throat... absolute torcher, I tell you. Dry coughing non-stop, I was sort of prompted to share my thoughts regarding the current case, besides MH370.

The deaths involving 6 young adults on drug overdose at FMFA (Future Music Festival Asia) is highly disturbing and I would regard it as a shameful act for Malaysia, a so-called Muslim country. If you ask me 5 years ago (the jahil me) I would have considered going. But as I look on life at a different perspective now, and if I view these people in my eyes, they look like animals.

Hedonisme, party, booze, rave party, free mingling amongst male and female, loud music, cloth that doesn't entirely cover the body, what has become of Malaysia? And yet we ask why we're burdened with so many tragic incidents?

Like I said, God is mad.

Maybe those my age would say, "alaa, lek lu. Memang laa rasa bersalah tapi sekali sekala kot". Yes, I personally know a handful of people who want and WILL go to these kind of events. But I'm pretty verbal when it comes to rejecting something, and I don't care if they view me on a "kolot" perspective.

Even more saddening, a girl with hijab was spotted at the rave party, and she was actually proud of it.

My first thought when I read this photo: apa ke bodohnya minah ni.

And the thing that I didn't like was Yuna was scheduled to perform at FMFA on the third day (luckily it got cancelled)

I hope Yuna realises that there are OTHER events that she can perform at and actually meet her fans. Something classy like the philharmonic orchestra? Or an unplugged chilled out event? 

I shared my thoughts on a Facebook post by Saiful Nang. 

Surprisingly many other people agreed with me. 

If you didn't know, ASOT stands for A State of Trance. Trance (if I'm not mistaken) is a music genre that is sort of like club-ish? Fast paced-ish? Entah lah haha. Most of the people who go to these kind of events actually go to enjoy the music, and to just have a good time.

But when an event like that involves the sale of condoms, drugs and alcohol, that isn't just a good time. That is a westernized/semua orang nak jadi cool/teringin nak cuba benda baru kinda event.

Sedih bila negara yang konon-konon claim "negara Islam" nak cuba boost economy dengan cara macam ni. I think there are other ways that the country can boost the tourism industry without actually involving these kinds of things. Something like, I don't know, actually make improvements on Zoo Negara?

Till then, Wassalam.


God is mad.


I do miss writing, but ever since I started studying in KL again mid last year I sort of lost inspiration. My daily life comprises of travelling back and forth between home and Cheras every day, and boy that sort of created a new stream of stress for me.

But Alhamdulillah, that stream of stress was so worth it. I passed all my 3 papers, and I plan to go for straight sitting, insyaAllah. And then I'll be done with my Professional Diploma.

On a more serious note, notice how much Malaysia is being hit with so many disastrous events lately?

1) The missing MH370.

I don't think I need to make an intro on the chronology of events for the missing aircraft. As much as we are praying for the flight to come back home, I can't imagine how hard it is for the family members of the passengers and crew on board the flight. I think every one deserves a closure when it comes to their loved ones, and this is just... difficult. Not knowing whether they are dead or alive, must be emotionally exhausting for the families.

2) Drought

Malaysia is facing the longest drought ever, it has been weeks and weeks of water shortage, extremely hot weather, and the latest one is the forests burning. This, of course, has brought difficulties to us. We are just not living comfortably like how we used to.

3) Haze

The haze, on another note, is so bad and is getting worse by the hour. In my area itself you can literally open the window and see haze surrounding the house. I can't get out of the house without getting a headache, skin rashes, irritated throat, etc.


I don't know about you, but I feel there is a reason why Allah SWT is giving us so much tests now. We are in a difficult situation, and yet we never realised how bad all of us have been behaving lately. Maybe God sees what we don't see, what we don't realise. Plenty of vices (maksiat) going on now, the political instability of the country has brought upon so much damage to us, crime rates increasing drastically, masyaAllah... what is happening to the world now? (in this case, Malaysia)

A few years ago, all of us lived happily. Maybe there were ups and downs in the country, but I only realised now how much I don't want to spend the rest of my life here. As much as I love Malaysia, our quality of life has declined drastically... and why is that?

I will get to that on another post.

Till then, jom muhasabah diri.

Images courtesy of Google.


China: Day 4

 The next day we drove through the hilly side of Yangshuo. Came across this photo spot of the limestone caves.

And then we stopped at this area to climb up the steps. It was roughly a 20-min climb to get a view of the valley. Unfortunately I don't have it on this camera, only in my phone. But the view somewhat looks like the first picture.

And then we stopped by to purchase some kumquats. Love them!

 After that we went to visit the 400 year-old bridge that I forgot its name. Looks simple but it's actually made out of stone. No screws/nails etc in the making. This was used during the ancient dynasty. Beautiful.

 Old men playing mahjong.

After that we headed to another ancient bridge located not too far away. Beautiful village I must say, a perfect place for retirement.

And then we headed on to the Silver cave.

Tarik mama panjat tangga. LOL

Honestly I didn't see what's the rave about this cave all about. We found it boring and only spent half an hour walking through towards the exit. It was too touched by mankind with the colourful lights and the stairs and stuff. Preferred the one I went to in Hanoi rather than this. But it was okay I guess for people who've never been in a cave.

After that we headed back to the hotel. End of day 4!


sending my prayers

Haven't really had the mojo to update or write anything lately. Classes have resumed again and I'm pretty occupied with studies and catching up. On another note, would like to share some events that happened the past week.

One of my best friends got robbed last week, as in her car's window got smashed at the traffic light and her handbag was grabbed by the robbers. It really was a traumatic experience and up till today whenever I see her she's no longer her usual self, always afraid and clasped in her little shell. 

Be safe, girls. Women are always the victims of crime, don't you think? So sad. Even now we can't even get out of our own home thinking about the possibilities of getting robbed/killed/kidnapped, etc.

And last weekend I visited a dear friend of mine Czuleika at the hospital. Czu is a childhood friend whom I've known for more than 10 years, and Huda (right) is a friend that I've known since kindergarten. Czuleika was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, a rare disease that caused her antibody to attack her internally and cause her whole body system to shut down. One moment she was washing her hands at the sink, the next thing was she couldn't move her arms and on the same day she couldn't move her legs. 

The first week when she was diagnosed with the disease she could barely breathe and speak. But when I visited her she was already able to talk but could not make any movements. I was speechless back then, all I could do was listen to her story and cry inside. She's so positive and vibrant and not even sulking on her condition. Superwoman right there. She's currently undergoing physiotherapy and is hoping to recover as fast as possible... although there is a possibility that she'll be on the wheelchair for the rest of her life. Will visit her again this weekend insyaAllah.

Sending my prayers to these ladies to stay strong and optimistic, Allah is the best of planners and there is always a silver lining behind everything. InsyaAllah.