Paris: Part 2

The whole day today was dedicated for Disneyland. My little brother Awad purchased the tickets in London prior before leaving for Paris, and boy thank God he did! When we arrived there the queue to get them tickets was friggin' long!

First things first, the parade!

Unfortunately the most anticipated ride, Space Mountain was closed due to upgrading works.

Before queuing for Indiana Jones for 45 minutes. Hahah. I didn't take that many photos as it was troublesome to take my camera in and out from the backpack and we spent most of the time queuing for the rides.

Awad played some sort of shooting game.

Love how they decorate the park!

Absolutely love the details of this ride - Tower of Terror. A very thrilling ride and absolutely awesome! It's like one of those drop(?) rides that you always see in parks.

After a tiring day of queuing and riding the rides, we just waited for the sun to set for the fireworks show. Because it was Summer the show only began after 10pm. It was an amazingly awesome show I must say. Love love it!

We left Disneyland at 11 something and had a difficult time finding our way home. Because we took the metro, we only reached central Paris at 1am+ and by that time all metros have ceased operations. Ended up waiting for a bigger cab to fit all 5 of us for more than an hour and only reached home almost 3am.

Tiring, but fulfilling day. Brings back the childhood memories when I first went there with my family 13 years ago. :)

To be continued.


Paris: Part 1

2 days ago I came back from a 25-day trip to Europe and London. I can't explain how tired I am that I've literally been spending most of my time sleeping since I've been home. Boy, am I glad to be back! As amazing as other countries are, you can never trade Malaysia for any other country.

Reached a gloomy, rainy morning in Paris. While waiting for Awad and the other entourage to reach the city at night, we walked around a bit. Because Paris isn't exactly a foreign place, I sort of remember the geography of the city. I quickly got the hang of the metro on the first day itself. We walked around from Tuileries to the Louvre to Palais Garnier before heading to Gare du Nord to fetch my brother.

A tip to all those planning to head to Paris, ALWAYS ALWAYS be careful of your belongings. On the first day in Paris itself I almost got pick pocketed. The thief already stole my purse in the metro, but luckily I realised it quickly therefore when the train stopped I shouted at the thief and because she was scared that I would do other things, she dropped my purse and left. I was shaking after that, but I kept calm, grateful that I didn't lose anything.

That's what that sucks about Paris. It's a beautiful city but pickpockets are everywhere. So ALWAYS be aware of your valuables and if possible, carry as little cash as possible. Don't flash your luxury to these people and make yourself seem like an easy target.

The next day, we headed to the basic Parisian tourist spots. First stop was Pont des Arts, or better known as the Love Lock Bridge. Couples, especially, make it a tradition to buy a lock and hang it on the bridge. We couldn't be bothered. Haha

We then went to Tuileries again and chilled at one of those lounge chairs laying around in the garden. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo cos we were absorbed in the overpriced pasty we got from Paul's.

Our view.

We then headed for lunch at the Latin Quarter which is nearby Notre Dame. A note to the Muslim travellers, if you are looking for a halal meal then you should go here. Plenty of halal restaurants serving satisfying food with a reasonable price. If you're not sure on which restaurant to pick, choose the ones with the Trip Advisor sticker on them.

Our meal consisted of an appetizer, a main course, and dessert plus unlimited amounts of drinking water. All for 10 euros. It was okay, considering we were all hungry. But I can't say I like french food and french cooking though. Haha

We then went to visit Notre Dame. The queue was long but it didn't take forever for us to reach the entrance. Entry is free here, so be sure to visit!

Notre Dame is a church that took approximately 700 years to be completed. Inside is filled with stained glass windows which I thought was beautiful and of course the usual chairs in a church. Being Muslims we couldn't really be bothered about their praying rituals but spent most of the time admiring the interior of the church. Amazing, amazing architecture right there.

We then went to Champs Elysees and went to check out Arc du Triomphe. Apparently some ceremony commemorating old soldiers was going on.

After that we headed to Laduree because one of the Ili's (yes both of the younger girls' names were Ili) wanted to get macarons. I wanted to get them initially but I thought it would be a waste of money. 12 macarons for 33 euros, which is like rm150. I mean, how great can macarons taste like that I have to spend rm150 for macarons anyway? Might as well get them from Whisk in KL for rm2 each. Heheh

We also went to Musee d Orsay, but unfortunately because no cameras were allowed in the museum, thus that part of the visit will not be included in this post.

After that we headed back to our rented house, located at Lychee Michelet.

To be continued.


Bali withdrawal syndrome

It is currently 1.30 am and I'm stuck with this:

When I have to be at college by 8am later today for Majlis Solat Hajat conducted by APROS. Hoping that the professional students will co-operate and come for the programme. A lot of time and energy have been poured in making it happen. It might be a simple programme but having to deal with a very slow management system made it difficult for us.

Last weekend we made a quick escape to Bali over Labour Day. It was exactly what I needed... have been too tired and too busy to even sleep. I am grateful to my parents for it. Alhamdulillah. 

For our trip this time around, we spent most of our time in Ubud, hung out at the hotel, searched for food, my siblings and Ayah went for white water rafting at Ayung River while Mama and I went to the spa, sampled some coffee, explored some of the resorts, tried some new food and went to visit some of the beaches. The weather was extremely hot so we couldn't be bothered to sit by the beach too long.

I love Bali, it will always be one of the places I will keep on visiting from time to time. I love the warm hospitality by the Balinese people, the beautiful beaches, the lovely art centres, the food (we managed to find yummy halal ones), the resorts. It will always be on top of my list when I need a little R&R (since Malaysia's beaches can be rather disappointing), and my go-to weekend excursion.

Final exams coming up soon, which means I'll be spending the remaining month being a zombie. Pray all goes well, insyaAllah.

Till then, wassalam.

Photos shot using my Samsung Galaxy S3