BagsbyHani : How it Started

I'm already in my 6th month of restarting my entrepreneurial journey - and I thought I should at least dedicate a post about it.

Last year on June 2015, I started working at a small firm. The job was fine and all, but while working there, I felt like I wasn't growing as a person. I had so many ideas that I wanted to express but because of my job, I wasn't able to do so. I was stuck. To top it off, my bosses drove me crazy. I tried to be patient but my patience had a limit. In November 2015, I took off. Literally. I know it's very unethical of me, but I really was at one of the lowest points of my life. I couldn't take it anymore.

And so my journey of finding other means of sustaining my life began. Sure, I had a fixed monthly allowance, but my entrepreneurial soul wanted more. Prior to my trip to Mekah, I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. I baked a lot of stuff but I realised I had no talent in baking. I thought of so many things that I should do but none of the ideas came off as economical.

At Mekah, I prayed a lot - including praying for rezeki. A couple of days after I came back home, I stumbled upon an opportunity, to sell authentic Longchamp bags below market price.

Using whatever knowledge and base I had, I started selling them. Response was beyond my expectations. The first month itself, I made about RM2000-3000 in profit. And that amount kept on growing month by month.

Throughout the six months I'm doing this business, I've gone through an emotional rollercoaster ride. If you don't have to deal with a boss, you have to deal with customers' 1001 personalities. And a LOT of negativity. That negativity brought me down a lot, and I always had to tell myself to be optimistic and see the positive side.

I have so many ideas and dreams that I want to achieve. I'm taking some time off from my education to focus on my business, probably between 6 months to a year, and will see where I head to from there.

I can truly say that I'm happy with what I'm doing, I guess - this has been my rezeki all along, to become an entrepreneur, and to make my vivid ideas come true.


Naurah Goes Japan! (Day 1 & Day 2)

It's been about two weeks since we came back and I've been putting blogging on hold due to the hectic work load that I had to handle since we came home.

Alhamdulillah, this year we managed to visit Tokyo during the cherry blossom season and to sum it up, I've fallen head over heels with Tokyo, and I love the city more than I love Paris. Hahaa!

And what made it more fun was that we had Naurah to entertain us. My little niece and her antics is just so adorable.

During the flight, Naurah was not extremely cranky. She was just anxious and wanted to crawl around but we couldn't allow that. So we had to find various methods to distract her.

Touchdown! yayy!

The ginormous van that picked us up from the airport to the accommodation. This van can easily sit 10 people or more and there were only 5 of us!

First thing we did when we reached our apartment (booked via AirBnB) was to go to the convenience store. Haha (and this was at 12am at night).

Me being jakun!

The next day, we headed out to explore what Tokyo had to offer.

We stayed on the 9th floor of an apartment building so the view was pretty spectacular. And to top it off, the train station was just across the road made it more convenient.

First train ride!

First stop was Shibuya, and of course the shibuya crossing. I honestly kind of liked the Shibuya area and wished I had more time to explore the place. 

It was quite a long walk heading towards our destination from Shibuya. Going uphill and downhill, but I thought it was nice to be able to see smaller neighbourhoods in the middle of Shibuya. 

Mama making a pitstop from all the walking.

Our destination was... Meguro River!

We were so happy when we managed to see the cherry blossoms! SubhanAllah cantik sangat :)

Next, we took a bus and headed back to Shibuya. 

Tired and hungry faces. We decided to look for those cheap sushi places and found one called Robot Sushi. Most of the plates there costed only 100Yen (excluding tax), and that's pretty cheap for high quality sushi as compared to KL.

They deliver the sushi that you order (using the touch screens) on the metal rod thingy.

Of course we melantak all the salmon and tuna sushi there ever was. Haha

Next, we headed back home and at night, me, my brother and BIL took a walk heading towards Tokyo Tower.

It kinda looks like Eiffel Tower doesn't it? 

Next, we went to Akihabara. 

Melantak Takoyaki. Sedap!

Not much to see in Akihabara, maybe the locals would know more interesting places to go but since I'm not that much of a gadget or game freak, I wasn't really interested in the shops there.

To be continued!