Barcelona : Part 2

While waiting for our turn to enter Parc Guell, we took shelter at a nearby restaurant as the rain has started to pour. Had some super expensive chips and dip and after that we headed in.

First place that we entered was this house right here. I'm not really sure what's it's purpose but if I'm not mistaken it was the house where Gaudi lived in (?). Haha sorry bimbo alert. And I didn't take any photos inside, there were lots of visualisations and stuff, sort of like a mini museum.

Excuse the seksi matsallehs. Main point here is the famous lizard. I think the one thing that reminds me of Barcelona was S Club 7. If you're a 90's kid then you can relate. They went to Barcelona in one of their episodes. And it still lingers in my head till today. Haha

The details on the buildings were just amazingly beautiful. Gaudi really did pay attention to detail and they blended in well with his vision of a gothic-ish architecture style and I just love how he designs the structure of the buildings. Not entirely symetrical but nonetheless whimsical in it's own way. FYI, Parc Guell is not exactly a building, it is a park with pillars and roofs finished with artistic details, as you can see above.

Another highlight of this park was the famous hanging balcony(?) that overlooks the city. Genius, I tell you.

It's a big empty space with those places to sit as shown above, finished with broken tile details. I just love the colours! After we were done with roaming around the park we headed to our next destination!

To be continued...

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Eny Abdullah said...

superb photos here!! Love!