Barcelona - Part 1

Our short flight to Barcelona was quite rocky and bumpy but it was A-okay. We arrived at the airport later in the evening and took the airport train towards the city. Because the apartment that we booked was at a walking distance towards Sagrada Familia, it wasn't really difficult for us to look for it (and also because Awad was the navigator).

I totally forgot to snap a photo of the apartment but the check in process was smooth and we absolutely love our place! Because by the time we arrived it was already quite late, we just had maggi for dinner and went out to look for snacks/groceries. Luckily we found a Muslim-owned grocery store (whose stuff was priced at a cheaper rate) just nearby the apartment.

The next day we headed out!

The first stop was Sagrada Familia, an old gothic church built by the late Gaudi (the great architect). The church is still under construction up till now and I'm not really sure when, but rumours has it that it will finally finish being built within a few years (since 1882) possibly due to it's massive size and complex architecture.

I wanted to go in but because none of my entourage was interested to enter, I had to cancel my hopes of visiting it from the inside. Also because the entrance fee was quite pricey.

Next we headed to Parc Guell!

As you can see in the pictures above, the journey towards the park was quite the climb. They even provided escalators on the middle of the hills. Pretty cool! Hehe

We walked up and up only to come to this view! Love it. Barcelona doesn't have that many skyscrapers and it is still quite under developed. But nonetheless it is a truly different experience altogether. The compounds of the park is free of charge, but if you'd like to enter the artsy side (where the Gaudi masterpieces are located at), you'll have to pay an entrance fee of 8 Euros.. if I'm not mistaken. Can't really remember hehe. And because they have a max quota of how many people can get into the park at one time, you're actually given a time on when you can enter the park... well that's another que isn't it?

To be continued!

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