Kakak's Convocation

So yesterday was kakak's convocation day at the University of Malaya (UM). UM is not an unfamiliar place for us because we practically spent our childhood years there... before we moved to Penchala. My sister followed in the foot steps of my father by completing her advanced qualifications there.

Earlier in the morning I dropped off my parents at Dewan Tunku Chancellor and headed back home to get ready. Two hours later we headed back to the university (the perks of living so nearby, haha!) and I rummaged through the few floral stalls nearby to get a bouquet of flowers for kakak. We arrived at the right timing because we didn't have to wait for too long outside and luckily there were shaded areas for us to sit around while waiting.

Our parents... main back bone behind everything. Financially, emotionally, mentally. :)

Missing in picture is Awad... lost in London. Awad will be back in Malaysia for good February 2015 insyaAllah.

Congratulations kakak! Not many survived Architecture part 2 but she did it!

With my childhood friend Huda. Knew her since we were 5 and stayed in touch till now. Huda completed her first degree in Architecture. So passionate about art ever since we were little.

Lunch at Hadramawt the Curve afterwards. No food photos, was too hungry to snap pictures.
Good day, Alhamdulillah!

And with that, I would like to announce that I will try to blog more from now onwards. Gotta start jotting down more memories here. 

Assalamualaikum, blessed Friday to all!

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