Raya 2014

2 blog posts in a day?! Well I'm surprised too hahah. But thanks to my iphone now I don't have to transfer pictures to my laptop and then write a post (which I'm very much lazy to do). Now I can just write whenever I feel like it!

Anyway, this year my opah decided to spend her first half of Ramadhan in Kuantan and the remaining half at our house. Which means that Eid will be in KL. Opah is my mother's mother and my mother has 6 siblings altogether. So we're quite a big family I guess.

On the first day of Eid all my relatives came over to our house and spent the day here taking pictures and eating and talking. Nothing new there. As for my father's side, well my grandmother Tok is no longer fit to celebrate Eid and is bedridden at my aunt's house in Puncak Alam. So we visit them instead.

With my pregnant cousin. Opah will have a cicit very soon!

The rest of the days were just us shifting from one place to another. Same people, different homes. As for our baju Raya, no new purchases were made. We just recycled the ones that we made from kakak's wedding in December and wore those instead.

Suffice to say that it was a fulfilling Aidilfitri, Alhamdulillah. ;)


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