Paris: Part 2

The whole day today was dedicated for Disneyland. My little brother Awad purchased the tickets in London prior before leaving for Paris, and boy thank God he did! When we arrived there the queue to get them tickets was friggin' long!

First things first, the parade!

Unfortunately the most anticipated ride, Space Mountain was closed due to upgrading works.

Before queuing for Indiana Jones for 45 minutes. Hahah. I didn't take that many photos as it was troublesome to take my camera in and out from the backpack and we spent most of the time queuing for the rides.

Awad played some sort of shooting game.

Love how they decorate the park!

Absolutely love the details of this ride - Tower of Terror. A very thrilling ride and absolutely awesome! It's like one of those drop(?) rides that you always see in parks.

After a tiring day of queuing and riding the rides, we just waited for the sun to set for the fireworks show. Because it was Summer the show only began after 10pm. It was an amazingly awesome show I must say. Love love it!

We left Disneyland at 11 something and had a difficult time finding our way home. Because we took the metro, we only reached central Paris at 1am+ and by that time all metros have ceased operations. Ended up waiting for a bigger cab to fit all 5 of us for more than an hour and only reached home almost 3am.

Tiring, but fulfilling day. Brings back the childhood memories when I first went there with my family 13 years ago. :)

To be continued.

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