Paris : Part 3

The day after Disneyland, I initially planned to visit Chateau Versailles. I really wanted to go there but because we got back home really late the night before I just told everyone that we'll go around Paris instead. (More reasons for me to visit Paris again, hehe). So we left home a little late to the afternoon as everyone was too tired to get up early.

First stop was Sacre Couer. Because the temperature was spiking hot on that day and being typical Asians that didn't want to sweat, we took the tram to go up the hill. Haha

The price to take the tram is just the same like taking a one way ticket for the metro in Paris, which is 1.70 Euros for one way. So that's 3.40 Euros back and forth, if you get yourself a carnet (a pack of 10 tickets).

Up there, is the view of Paris.

Do I love this view? Yes I do. But I would love to see it at night or during the winter, autumn and spring. Because it was Summer the weather was just too hot so the sunlight was too glaring and you can't really appreciate the beautiful view. But nonetheless Paris is just beautiful. We also entered the church since it was free but no photos were allowed inside.

Next, we headed to Palais Garnier.

 We didn't enter the Palais but it must be beautiful inside. If I'm not mistaken this was the setting for the Phantom of the Opera. Next, we walked to Palais Royal and on the way we stumbled upon a small flea market.

Got that stack of raspberries for 6 Euros. Yum.

 All that time when I was at the flea market was, "MUST SNAP PHOTOS FOR MAMA". Lol

Palais Royal is surrounded by this beautiful lush garden. At the garden, there were people just playing games and chilling and reading. Such a cool way to live a life in a hectic city.

We just passed by Palais Royal as it was just beside the Louvre. From the Louvre, we took a metro to Trocadero. Spent the remaining evening waiting for the sunset as we wanted to go on the night cruise. And waiting for sunset means waiting forever (more reasons to hate Summer, haha).

We just chilled at a cafe riiight below the Eiffel Tower. Don't ask the price as it is, of course pricey just to get some light food. But what can we do, we were all tired from waiting. Decided to try the famous Nutella crepe. Not bad, not bad at all. But I preferred the crepe that I had in London.

And then we finally got on the cruise!

Paris is such a beautiful city that photos do no justice to how romantic and stunning it really is. You really have to come to Paris once in your life (in my case, third time) and see it for yourself. That was the last day that we were in Paris before we headed to our next destination. That was my second time on the cruise and I can really go a hundred times on it and still be in awe of how beautiful it is.

I actually wished I could spend more time in Paris, but maybe insyaAllah if I have more rezeki would like to come again and spend more time in the city just exploring every nook and cranny.

Je t'aime, Paris!

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Ain Rahman said...

wonderful trip. bestnya =)