A lovely weekend

The past weekend was a lovely busy weekend I must say. On Saturday it was Ayah's birthday and a few days earlier prior to the birthday I wanted to plan a surprise with kakak. I had it all in my head... Balloons, cake, confetti. Check.

But thanks to Mama the party pooper she mentioned the word "surprise" to Ayah many times so tak menjadi. Haha. So we resorted to having a family bbq dinner at home and baked a cheesecake. On Saturday, we were busy prepping for the bbq, ie marinating, baking, and buying more groceries.

And then after Maghrib prayers we started bbq-ing! 

Our backyard bbq pit. It was initially smaller but ayah renovated it and now it is bigger. We even have an unused outdoor toilet (cos everyone's afraid to use it, haha). 

First thing that we bbq-ed was the kebabs!

Pasang panjut at the bbq area.

The cheesecake!

Happy 55th Birthday to my beloved Ayah!

We had Australian beef steak, a bit of lamb, chicken wings, sausages and other side dishes. Yum!

Only photo of the ladies. The boys were all looking selebet and selekeh. What do you expect... We were all bbq-ing and sweaty and undressed. Hehe

The next day, we attended the wedding of Fazrena and Bakri. If you don't already know, Faz is the owner of the famous hijab line TudungPeople and her husband is the famous photographer Bakri Hafiz of wsvs.co. I guess you can call them the famous artistic couple? 

Beautiful decor I must say. We were all like, wow. 

You can view more photos of the wedding on Instagram with the hashtag #bakfazjournal.

After the wedding, we headed back home as I was planning a small Raya makan-makan with some of my girlfriends. The first reaction I get from most of them who came over for the first time was "Haniii cantiknya rumah you!" Credits to my parents for designing such a beautiful home. Hehe

Some of my girlfriends from Egypt back in medical school years. They're already in their 5th year and will graduate, insyaAllah by December 2016. How fast time flies. If I still continued my journey I would be Dr Hani by now. But I guess Allah had different plans for me, and although I didn't crack my brain cells for medicine, I cracked it off for Actuarial Science and now, ICSA which consists of 90% law. I never became a doctor but I have hundreds of doctor friends so I guess that would be of convenience in the future, right? 

One of my bestfriends/partner in crime Aida. Aida is doing ACCA so she understands what I'm going through when it comes to study-wise. Hehe

My close friends Shaza and Azryn, and Mimi whom I just met and befriended yesterday. 

It was a great weekend Alhamdulillah. Busy upcoming week as I have weekly targets for my studies and also other extra-curricular activities!

Till then, wassalam. :)

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