China: Day 4

 The next day we drove through the hilly side of Yangshuo. Came across this photo spot of the limestone caves.

And then we stopped at this area to climb up the steps. It was roughly a 20-min climb to get a view of the valley. Unfortunately I don't have it on this camera, only in my phone. But the view somewhat looks like the first picture.

And then we stopped by to purchase some kumquats. Love them!

 After that we went to visit the 400 year-old bridge that I forgot its name. Looks simple but it's actually made out of stone. No screws/nails etc in the making. This was used during the ancient dynasty. Beautiful.

 Old men playing mahjong.

After that we headed to another ancient bridge located not too far away. Beautiful village I must say, a perfect place for retirement.

And then we headed on to the Silver cave.

Tarik mama panjat tangga. LOL

Honestly I didn't see what's the rave about this cave all about. We found it boring and only spent half an hour walking through towards the exit. It was too touched by mankind with the colourful lights and the stairs and stuff. Preferred the one I went to in Hanoi rather than this. But it was okay I guess for people who've never been in a cave.

After that we headed back to the hotel. End of day 4!

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