China: Day 3

In the morning we went to visit a really old village and just walked around for a bit. The village is 600 years old and was part of the dynasty wars.

Surrounded by rice terraces. Beautiful, isn't it? And this was during low season. Can't imagine how beautiful it would be during peak season.

We came across this boutique hotel. The owners converted the old village homes into hotels. What a genius. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous. You can check it out here. Secret Garden Boutique Hotel Yangshuo

Cute cafe and cute mama. haha

Picture above is my "cute" baby brother and the thing that he is holding (no, not the handbag) is a really old water well. It is still used till today as a water source for the village. It's just that now they use pumps to take out the water, no pails.

Beautiful, subhanAllah! After that we walked around a bit more.

Failed attempts to do the jump shot. Haha

And then we took a ride on these bamboo rafts. I think the price was around 100 Yuen per person? I think. Not really sure. Totally forgot. The ride was about 1 hour overlooking the beautiful caves.

Proof that the rivers are super clean and crystal clear.

Our view.

And then we went to the place where we were supposed to climb about 800 steps up the hill to go see the moon hill but then less than 100 steps later Ayah was like, mehh, malas.

So I zoomed my camera and managed to get a picture of the Moon Hill. And then we went to visit the Banyan Tree, claimed to be the biggest? (I think) Banyan tree in China.

Then we headed back to the hotel and headed to West Street again at night to have dinner. That was about it for day 3!

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