Bali withdrawal syndrome

It is currently 1.30 am and I'm stuck with this:

When I have to be at college by 8am later today for Majlis Solat Hajat conducted by APROS. Hoping that the professional students will co-operate and come for the programme. A lot of time and energy have been poured in making it happen. It might be a simple programme but having to deal with a very slow management system made it difficult for us.

Last weekend we made a quick escape to Bali over Labour Day. It was exactly what I needed... have been too tired and too busy to even sleep. I am grateful to my parents for it. Alhamdulillah. 

For our trip this time around, we spent most of our time in Ubud, hung out at the hotel, searched for food, my siblings and Ayah went for white water rafting at Ayung River while Mama and I went to the spa, sampled some coffee, explored some of the resorts, tried some new food and went to visit some of the beaches. The weather was extremely hot so we couldn't be bothered to sit by the beach too long.

I love Bali, it will always be one of the places I will keep on visiting from time to time. I love the warm hospitality by the Balinese people, the beautiful beaches, the lovely art centres, the food (we managed to find yummy halal ones), the resorts. It will always be on top of my list when I need a little R&R (since Malaysia's beaches can be rather disappointing), and my go-to weekend excursion.

Final exams coming up soon, which means I'll be spending the remaining month being a zombie. Pray all goes well, insyaAllah.

Till then, wassalam.

Photos shot using my Samsung Galaxy S3

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zue hamid said...

thanks for sharing the photos. Splendid pictures !! .. wish I have extra RM,time and friend/company to accompany me there :) ..well .. good luck in ur coming exam. Im sure you can go thro it ..