Life's Don'ts

Taking a break from this whole China travelogue and I will rant instead. Based on my almost 23 years of living I have learnt these very few aspects of life. 

1) Don't berhasad dengki and be supportive
Claiming that an idea is yours or telling people "YOU STOLE MY IDEA", is the most self absorbed thing anyone could ever say, especially if its someone close to you. Be happy for that person, after all, you are not Albert Einstein to be the first to create any ideas. The last thing that person needs is to be demotivated.

2) Don't only talk the talk, WALK THE WALK. 
Lots of people can only talk. Sampai berbuih mulut. Tapi tinggal air liur je lah. Don't make finances or time the issue. Where there's a will, there's a way.

3) Be grateful
Some people may be smarter/ richer/ prettier/ more handsome than you. SO WHAT? Be grateful for what you have. Don't only go, "I wish..." but instead, Alhamdulillah. Comparison is the worst enemy. 

4) Improve yourself
Find ways to improve yourself, especially in your religious side. Remember, the only thing we are certain of in life is death. So while you're busy studying and searching for wealth, don't forget to do at least the basics of your rukun iman. At the same time if time permits, don't forget to open the Qur'an, listen to lectures, do a little bit of good deed, etc. The ticket to Jannah is not as difficult as taking that exam. 

5) Never give up!
Regardless of how crappy you feel after failing that exam paper or that business venture, never give up! Allah is always with those who don't quit. Instead of asking yourself, why did I fail, remember to redha with Him. I did this actually, I sometimes ask, "KENAPA TAKDE BUSINESS NI?" But then I remembered to redha with whatever comes beforehand and Alhamdulillah after that business went smooth. 

And finally, remember:

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Till then, Wassalam!

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