math vs law

As you all know I officially graduated from my diploma about a month+ ago and the following week I was already back in school. A few days ago, the results for our degree applications came in.

For a moment there I was sort of shaken by the thought of quitting ICSA and going for Actuarial Science. What I've learnt from my diploma years is that I have to finish what I started. I started studying for my ICSA qualifications 3 weeks ago and I'm going to finish it.

I'm still trying to instil the sense of passion for this course, but as for now (despite the stress and workload), I'm A-Okay.

Pile of assignments having to be submitted each week. Since I am "extra rajin", I type everything out and make sure they're neat. Yes, I see the need to use two laptops now. Haha

Lecture using the old school projector. LOL

Bukan semua yang kita nak itu baik untuk kita, dan bukan semua yang kita taknak itu tak baik untuk kita. Not all that we want is good for us, and not all that we don't want is bad for us.

Allah and His plans, I believe in that. I see a bright future with this course, InsyaAllah.


Abdullah Arif said...

so confirm sambung lah ni kan? nice lah rasa itu yg paling bagus jugak

hani sabri said...

i tak sambung kat shah alam. whatever it is insyaAllah its for the best. :)