17th Aug 2013, kakak's engagement

The week before my sister's engagement ceremony day we were frantically running around to get things done. Alhamdulillah, it went better than expected. Pictures!

Kakak getting ready

Makan place, we cleared the garage just for this!

The hall, and pelamin.

Rombongan lelaki

When upacara berbalas pantun was about to begin

Balas pantun

Sarung cincin, and kakak with her future MIL

Adik-beradik and family from both sides

Hantarans, 5 berbalas 3. Kakak's hantarans were done by Mama


Us pretending to be married. haha

My childhood friends, I've known them since before we reached puberty. Haha

Kuala Kangsar clan, missing in the picture is Makteh and Kuantan gang

Us kacau-ing Opah. Haha

Upacara queue panjang untuk dapatkan duit raya from PakCu.

Eman oogling over the hand bouquet
Simple pelamin

sirih junjung and chocolates

Gorgeous cake by Maklang

Mamam who looks cute here

Kakak and her friends

Yang dah kahwin pun still dapat duit raya? Haha

Kakak with both grandmothers

Balas pantun, jangan tak balas.

Tak sempat nak buat candy buffet, kuih raya pun jadilah. Cupcakes, also by Maklang.
Flower power

Can't deny that there were some downsides to it as well... from the videographer who didn't show up that we hired a last-minute one two hours before the ceremony began, due to desperation anything was okay. And the fact that the caterer didn't prepare extra water for refill drinks that guests had to wait for more than half an hour since the caterers had to go to the grocery store to get a refill, my friends and I ended up coming to the rescue by making sarsi from the cordial we had in the kitchen and poured it into the water displacement thingy. 

But all in all, it was good, Alhamdulillah. On Monday it was back to school for me and I've been busy with classes eversince, schedule will stay this way till I'm done with finals on December. Till then, Assalamualaikum.


NBK said...

yessszaaa..adik's update is so far the most complete...actually makteh loveeeee the video

hani sabri said...

Haha makteh kelakarlah the video! Dia suruh berlakon mcm hindustan haha tp oklah tu asalkan ada video. :)

Muhammad Zulhilmi said...


oh, btw, mcm xcomplete je siblings sebelah lelaki..
hehe =)

shaty said...

thanks for sharing the sweet moments .. CONGRATULATIONS to all .. esp ur sis :)