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Today, I teman-ed Ayah to Gopeng for the day. And for the first time, I drove the gigantore Estima on the highway!!! Big deal for someone who only drives the Swifts and MyVi at home. Pfffttt and from that experience, suffice to say that I ain't a big fan of gigantore cars. My neck hurts after those hours of driving just because I'm constantly worried that I'll be too fast or too slow or what if I braked the car too hard or something.

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Oh well.

But my dad being my dad, he likes to tell stories. Ayah might seem very reserved and serious being a businessman and all, but he's actually a talkative and friendly person. Along the way Ayah told me stories on how he survived his "downfall" days and built himself and his company up. How he struggled dealing with the harsh and cruel world out there and how badly people treated him. How determined he was in building a life for him and his family. He is, thus far, the strongest man that I've ever met (like I've met anyone else, haha).

And from that I realised that I do have some similarities to my dad. Outspoken? Check. Hardcore? Check. Ambitious? Check.

Point is, from this short trip that I had with Ayah, I can sum this up within one day.

In life, you will never ever be able to make every one happy. Never. Truth be told, I spent 10 years of my life trying to be nice to every one. Trying to not make anyone upset with me. I tried my absolute hardest to be likeable, until I abandoned my own normal mental growth. 

There will always be people who will betray you, backstab you, try to take you down and make you take the fall or the blame. Life is a give and take situation. If you are not happy with someone or something, tell them nicely, not attack them viciously without any proof. 

If you are genuinely sincere about helping others, Allah will help you back. It might not be immediately, but it will happen eventually. Ayah was not one of those people who wanted to take credit or in this case, "commission" on contracts. He genuinely wanted to help other people build their businesses when he had none. And when he was falling, other people came to lend a helping hand. So screw people who have been cruel and not nice to you. If they need your help, just help. 

People will make mistakes, always. People might not make you happy once in a while. People might upset you. But you have to know that these people, who have been stuck with you since day one, are the ones who will be there for you when you're drowning, gasping for air. These are the ones who will be there to visit your grave and recite doa's for you. These people are the ones who will cry when you're out of this world. These people, are your family.

No matter how much Ayah struggled, he had his family. This "downfall" that my dad had, was about 10 years ago. We had to move from the bungalow that we lived in and rented a terrace house instead. All I could remember was Ayah kept on telling me, "sekejap je, sementara nak tunggu rumah kita siap". I thought it was no big deal (since I was only 12), but if I put myself in Ayah's shoes, I'd crack and give up on life. Pity.

But 10 years later, here we are, living an (Alhamdulillah) comfortable life, with no financial hardships, being able to survive on this world, and knowing that Ayah has provided a substantial amount of money for his children.

I'm proud to say that at 22 years old, my parents are my BFF's. ♥


shaty said...

as salam ...your parents especially ur DAD should read this ! Ur sincerity in pouring out what you feel and think will really make ur DAD proud to have you as their loving daughter. U sounded so grateful and alhamdulillah .. at last due to the this one-short-trip; you manage to learn something precious. Yeahhh .. the moral lesson is really great .. u tend to appreciate ur DAD most ( Im not saying all these while u don't ) and the thought of his determination in providing a COMFORTABLE life to his family .. i guess has become a really valuable lesson to his kids. So now u realise that u inheret lots of strong qualities from hime... alhamdulillah.

hani sabri said...

Alhamdulillah, thank you shaty! :)

Anonymous said...

You're one girl that full of motivation...keep it up and keep on learning coz you will find more than what you had in life!
Smoga hani sentiasa di dlm keberkatan doa ayah dan ibu hani dan dirahmati Allah sentiasa.amin

-Tun Teja

hani sabri said...

Amiin, thank you Tun Teja! InsyaAllah :)