A little life update

It has been a while, huh?

I can't tell you how many times have I pressed the "New Post" button, and saved countless drafts in this little space of mine. I decided that this time around, no more draft. Hehe

Ever since the last blog post, a lot of things have happened.

First, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the home. My adorable niece, Naurah Imaan Binti Ariff Shah. I can't tell you how obsessed I am with her!

She just adds so much more joy into our lives, and every morning before I go off to work the first thing I'd want to do is kiss her chubby chub cheeks! Please don't grow up k Naurah? TiNi wants to kiss kiss hug forever.  

Raya 2015

I would take forever to update every little detail, but trust that I'm actually trying to make the effort to write better here, just that every time I press the "New Post" button my mind goes blank. I'm trying to blog more and be more artistic when it comes to writing, but I guess it's kinda hard, coming from someone who is starting to go deeper and deeper into the corporate world, when all we write are formal legal stuff.

My table

I've already started working 3 months ago, and I gotta say, the first month itself was difficult for me. I had a hard time trying to adjust to working life, but as time goes by I've learnt to adapt to the working world and I'm starting to enjoy it. :) My boss is also starting to warm up to me and the idea of joking around with their employees, and I'm starting to feel comfortable at work nowadays.

My job is not the most glamorous, it does not comprise of being stylish nor meeting people, I do multiple company management tasks on a day to day basis and I hope one day as time goes by I'll be able to do more important work. 

As for my studies, Alhamdulillah, I feel so blessed and grateful that I finally managed to complete my Professional Diploma after 2 years of hard work, being pissed with the sucky college management, meeting lovable lecturers and amazing friends along the way. My memories with KPTM will be one of the things that I will treasure with me for a lifetime, for I have tried so many different things while I was there. 

I'll resume my studies for higher qualifications later in September, insyaAllah.

Alas, I have so many things to update on, and I promise I'll try to update more from now onwards! And probably start a lifestyle series + a YouTube channel? Who knows! :)

Till then, have a good Saturday!

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