Life Update (March 2017)

Hello! Been a while since I last updated this blog. Sebab kenapa? Sebab I've lost my mojo and motivation to write and share anything. Hehe...

2016 was the year that I travelled a LOT. By a lot, I mean almost every month?

In January I came back for umrah, and went to Bangkok.

In March I went to Tokyo, and failed at blogging on that trip (guilty as charged).

In July I went to Bandung with the family for Hari Raya. At the end of July I went to Osaka, Japan.

In September I went to Seoul with my friend Sophie.

In October I went to Europe - Istanbul, Bosnia and a little bit of Croatia.

In December I went to Tokyo again and a week after that I went to Seoul again.

This year economy is not so great, it's also my second year of doing business, which means the challenges have just begun so there's always financial instability there. But I won't quit, I'll do this because I love the flexibility that it gives me....

.... and one of my goals this year is to be a content creator, where I break through my shell and try to blog more consistently about everything I come across, and maybe do a bit of Youtube? :)

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