A weekend in Bangkok

So a few weeks ago I flew to Bangkok with my parents and little brother over the long Hari Wilayah weekend. Right after my Friday morning Accounting class we went straight to KLIA2, and that was actually my first time flying from that airport, and I didn't like it.


We arrived Bangkok at about 6pm Thai time and Mama booked an airport van to send us to our hotel. And guess what? If you've never experienced the bad traffic then you've missed out the essence of that city. First thing that we had to go through was the crazy traffic. And it took us about 2-3 hours just to get from the airport to our hotel in Sukhumvit.

My little brother who wanted to be cool and wear his school uniform from the airport till Thailand. My parents were coincidentally in the buggy next to the travelator. Haha

I think to write about every small detail would take forever, so let me just sum it up.

Chatuchak Market

Now I know people say Bangkok is a shopping haven, but not necessarily for people who don't like to hoard things. I've stopped hoarding stuff that I don't need, especially if they're cheap things without any quality in it whatsoever. So, nope! I didn't buy anything there.

We had brunch at this halal stall that even if you google you can find it online, but I mean like, for a stall in a market, the food was friggin' expensive IMO. 

Like you see above, that bowl of mihun sup was like, 150 Baht? Mahal kan? Yes it was good and can I say that Thai people's level of pedas is on a whole other level. Pedas please! Don't put too much of those.

Thai Green tea. Mission accomplished.

Floating Market

We woke up as early as 5am to get ready to head to the floating market as the van pick up was at like 6am+. Crazy. It took us 1.5 hours to get there, and... I was disappointed.

The ride heading towards the canals.

Monk rowing his sampan.

Okay this... this is divine. This beats every single coconut ice-cream I've ever had in KL.

All in all, the floating market that we went to had too many tourists but not that many floating sellers. I was expecting fruit sellers with loads of colourful fruits or anything truly authentic. But I guess that market has been too commercialised to the extent that there was even a floating traffic jam. 

I'm not sure about the other markets, but the one we went is called Damnoen Saduak, and I wouldn't recommend it. Not worth your sleep to wake up at 5am just to get there.

Siam Niramit Cultural Show

One of my favourite parts about that trip was the cultural show. It's an award-winning theatrical display portraying all the different cultures that exists in Thailand. Highly epic and amazing. Definitely one of the best shows I've seen, besides the acrobatic show that we've seen in Shanghai.

Another nice addition to the theatre place was that they built a small village consisting of all types of traditional houses that exists in Thailand. Siap dengan sawah padi bagai... hahaha.

Other than that, we went for the river cruise, and visited a few shopping malls which aren't that much of a hype. We didn't even get to have authentic Thai tomyam until the very last meal before heading back to the airport. 

Would I revisit Bangkok? Yes. But just for the green tea, coconut ice-cream and thai food. Hahha


miss eimanhikmah said...

seronok jgk bangkok ni...

Lee said...

He, this coming to you from Canada. First of all I am very impressed with your stylish eloquence. Very rarely coming across a well written blog posting. Outstanding!
And love the pics here, all very well taken too. The last time I was in Bangkok more than 30 years ago.
I love that pic of small padi field with scarecrow. Great picture.
And that floating market too.

Glad you like green tea...good for our body. I've been drinking it forever.
That noodle soup looks delicious.
Ok...begitu la. Sawatdee.
You keep well, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

FRSR said...

should go and visit platinum mall if you are a shopping-head!always my favourite

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