The convocation post.

Well hello blog berhabuk... today I will update on my convocation ceremony that was held last week. (11/11/2013)

The ceremony was held at UiTM Sri Iskandar, we were scheduled to receive our scrolls during the last session of the event. One word to describe convocation.... B.O.R.I.N.G. Some of my friends even slept throughout the ceremony. Haha


Zul looked like he was flying without wings. Mentang-mentang dapat ANC. Hahaha

If you don't know me personally then this picture probably gives an overall explanation of my personality. Haha

Idzham (most left), was supposed to join us for convo but haih biasalah dia. So I thought we should take a convo pic together. Zul gave him the ANC sash, I gave him my mortar board. Ok lah tu. 

Alhamdulillah, suffice to say that I have managed to close one chapter in my life. I am blessed to have such amazing, supporting and loving parents who never stopped encouraging and believing in me. Mama who is always worried on my capabilities as I always complain. Ayah who never stopped giving me words of encouragement (and money, LOL). For visiting me in Tapah when I can't come home. For bringing me yummy food when I'm homesick. I am truly grateful to have them as my parents, no one can ever replace them. 

To my friends, thank you for everything. Thank you for the tears, the laughter, the moral support, spending time just to help me study and made sure that I passed my papers. I know we no longer have the same common ground but I'm rooting for you guys here in KPTM Cheras.

What did I gain throughout my 2.5 years? I learnt that I'm stronger than I think I am. Although I gained like, 15 kilos from living there due to stress (haha yes I'm currently working on shedding the weight), I learnt a lot on life. I'm stronger mentally now than I ever was before and I look forward to achieving my true potential. I don't regret changing courses now because over here, I can realise my talent as a future corporate leader (insyaAllah) and like makteh said, the sky is the limit. 

And finally, I thank Allah SWT for this wonderful opportunity to meet such amazing talents with such complex brains. I thank Him for letting me graduate on time, I thank him for the hardships that I had to endure. Alhamdulillah.

I now have one scroll in my hand. Looking forward to receiving the next one!

Well I have to get back to studying for my finals. Till then, Wassalam. xx


Anonymous said...

Well done gal n a big congratz to you!!!..i can see that both your parents r really proud of u...btw,I still remember my first time here in sri iskandar.well,i'm the first batch yg msuk sini masa tu building ni xcomplete 100% lg...smpai2 je ktorng kena cuci class masing2...n its only few hundreds of us je student masa tu...student FSPU je yg kena pindah sri iskandar while the rest remain at Sri manjung rumah kedai.wlwpun scary sbb hutan kiri kanan n byk kes2 seram trjadi, but still I've the best experience there.hostel boys n girls sblah2 je...n masa tu cuma ada 3 building which is hostel,classes, dewan mkn n office kecik Hal ehwal plajar next to the Dewan mkn.looking at your photo taking me back there with all the sweet memories that i've left behind....anyway,congratz again to you n may u have the best of luck in whatever u do!

Tun teja

shaty said...

CONGRATULATIONS ... Alhamdulillah at last u managed to hold the scroll .. to attend such a ' boring' convo ( u said so :) ) and take those ' classic' photos .. I said classic becos they are significant indeed to those who have graduated . The 'jumping' photos are a must.

hani sabri said...

Thank You Tun Teja and Shaty! :)

NBK said...

tahniah adik..adik's happy faces are infectious......degree nanti lompat lagi tinggi

NBK said...

tahniah adik..adik's happy faces are infectious......degree nanti lompat lagi tinggi

hani sabri said...

thank you makteh! <3