The world is not safe

Been too long since I last blogged. 

Since the last post, I've travelled and gone through unexpected things in life. After exams were over I flew to Paris again with my parents and met up with Awad for an Euro trip. 

Paris - Dijon - Sarnen(Switzerland) - Colmar - Luxembourg - Amsterdam - Brussels - Paris - London 

Unfortunately, there will be no blog posts on my trips. Because about 3 weeks ago, a week after we got back from Europe, my house was broken into at 5am while we were all still asleep. It all happened too fast that the next thing we know we were all tied up and they took all our valuables (gadgets especially), cash, etc. We were robbed by a bunch of Indonesians with face masks. 

All my travel photos, gone. What I only have is what is left on Instagram.

If that was not traumatic enough just a while ago I heard that my brother's macbook was stolen by people who so called wanted to "purchase" the laptop but ended up fleeing instead. 

I question why all this is happening to our family, and why did it happen within such short intervals. I am mad and angry at all these bad people that I wished I could do something. Set a trap, catch them and teach them a lesson. 

More importantly, what is happening to Malaysia? I just don't feel safe anymore, whether we are in and out of the house. This country is just not livable anymore, and I wished I could just pack up everything and flee the country. Perhaps to Japan or Singapore (where it's the 2nd safest country in the world).

Not for economic reasons, but to just feel... Safe. Because we are always anxious nowadays, that the moment we let our guards down, our safety will be shaken.

I'm updating this using my phone, since my laptop has been taken away and I don't think I'll be blogging for the time being.

Till then, Assalamualaikum.

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